Tuesday, March 20, 2018
Flex Your Overhead Costs

Why hire full-time for overflow and seasonal workload coverage?   People are an expensive resource for your Firm when you consider salary, benefits and overhead.   Call W.F. Brown Accounting Services to discuss how you can flex your overhead costs with skilled part-time resources.


W.F. (Bill) Brown
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Accounting Firms

W.F. Brown Accounting Services offers overflow and seasonal workload services; call us to explore this option.   Having both articled and worked for C.A. firms, Bill Brown understands the requirements and the process of producing working papers and closing books.

Do you have small business clients that struggle with their day-to-day accounting requirements?   An owner-operator who is working hard to meet the needs of the business does not always give due attention and care to the accounting side, or may not understand all the elements of accounting and finance.  This can cause unnecessary work at year-end and tax time for your Accounting Firm as you work to clean up issues and, often, the clean-up time is not billable at your real rate.   W.F. Brown Accounting Services can help your small business clients cover their needs and deliver to you a clean set of books.

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